Archie and Sammy ponder life and its meaning.

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What a Wild Adventure!

Archman here! Sorry I didn’t write for so long. Sammy keeps telling me it my turn, but Momma has the typing fingers. You see, Momma got a job where she type stuff for people on the computer. Then she don’t wanna type stuff for Archie. But anyway, we living in something called a motorhome now.…

We In The United States!

This is Sammy, y’all. We sorry we haven’t written in so long. It’s been a busy summer for us and Momma. On June 9, 2021, we flew all the way from Kuwait to the United States! Momma said we landed in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m gonna tell you that it was hell getting here. Archie still…

Rescuing Daisy

Hey. It Archie. We sorry we have not written in so long. Our typist (Mom) say she too busy to help us blog. She say work crazy and she need to pack our house to move soon. But I gonna tell you a story. We went for walk one morning before Mom had to work.…

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