Archie coming to ya from the desert!

Hiya! This Archie, the desert dog. They call me that, even though some guy I hardly remember found me in his Kuwait neighborhood when I was a puppy. He led me to meet my mom. That was nice of him, because I get good treats. I still like to eat the garbage in the street though. Don’t knock it til you try it. There are lots of surprises in that trash…sometimes they are DELICIOUS surprises. Mom gets so mad.

Anyway, me and Sammy wanted to do a blog thing. We been sooooo bored since this Covid a-hole came to Kuwait. Mom is always talking about lockdowns and curfews. She makes us sneak outside to pee after dark. She said she might get deported if we stay out and make too much noise. So of course, I like barking most at night! I also like treats. My favorites are apples, bananas, and peanut butter cookies. What are your favorites?

Oh well, I need to go now. All this typing has made me tired. I feel a snooze coming.

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