Sammy in the house!

Hey there! I’m Sammy. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a boy’s name. Sometimes my mom calls me Samantha. Now does it make sense? Anywho, Mom tried to take us for a morning walk today, but Archie ruined it. See, Mom had knee surgery last month, so she hasn’t been able to walk with us. I was so excited that she was ready to walk with us again. But noooooo, that heckhole, Archie, just had to act like he had never been outside on a leash. He was running and pulling and trying to sniff everything in sight! Can you believe him? Mom was afraid he would make her hurt her knee again, so we came back after barely getting down the street! He doesn’t care about Mom like I do. He so selfish. Ugh…he gets on my last nerve. Then the jerk wanted to play while I was taking my after-walk nap.

But I digress. More about me…I’m old and sweet until I’m annoyed. Then I growl and walk away. Don’t worry, it’s usually only Archie who gets that treatment. I love food, snacks, treats, apples, and bananas. Yep…I love all things edible. I love walks with Mom and naps on my couch. What are your favorite things?

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