2 Dogs, 1 Week

Hiya. This Archie. We had a crazy week with Mom at home. She keep telling us something about spring break. She helped us start our blog career last weekend. She say we gone be famous. I say we already famous. When we go for walks, everybody know my name.

Monday, we met a new puppy friend. Her name Dottie. She little and went to the beach with us. She followed me around. I didn’t know what to do with her. She too tiny. So I sniffed all the things at the beach. See the pics.

After all the sniffing, I take a snooze at home. The next day, Mom brought home two jails. She say one for me and one for my sister, Sammy. She say they for flying to US. I don’t know how this jail supposed to fly. Mom threw treats inside, but I didn’t go after them. I know better. I fell for that trick when I was puppy. So then Mom pushed me in the jail anyway! She say she just want to know if it the right size. I sniffed it too. But how it fly though?

Mom been too lazy the other days. She say something about a physiotherapy and her knee. She say de-clutter for move, and then she watch Netflix. I still been sniffing, wrestling Sammy, and snoozing. What you do this week?

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