We Bored, Send Help!

Hi! Sammy coming at ya from the sandbox. Mom has been working from home this week. We all been lazy. She always talking to the screen on her desk. Just watching her work wears me out! Archie just sits over there on his little pillow, looking all prissy. Little heckhole! Sometimes he walks over to Mom and and knocks her arm with that big hard noggin’ of his. The woman can’t even type without that jerk annoying her. Fluffing attention hog. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a good girl. Here’s a picture of me doing what I do best…lounging.

Mom has been staying home allll the time for the past week. She hasn’t even taken us the beach like she promised. So if you are in Kuwait and not lazy like Mom, come pick up Archibald and me. We need to stretch our legs more than our dog walker lets us. We wanna get in a car and go to the seaside. I wanna feel the sand between my toe beans. I want to lie in the patches of grass there and refuse to move when Mom and Archie want to keep walking. I don’t wanna get in the water though. Ugh. Oh maybe just come get me. That heckhole of a mamma’s dog, Archie, can stay home with Mom. I need a break from them both. SEND HELP PLEASE!

Here are some more lazy photos from when Mom worked from home. We did play a couple of good games of tug!

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