Rescuing Daisy

Hey. It Archie. We sorry we have not written in so long. Our typist (Mom) say she too busy to help us blog. She say work crazy and she need to pack our house to move soon. But I gonna tell you a story. We went for walk one morning before Mom had to work. We saw this doggy! It didn’t have her Mom with her. I don’t know why. It was dirty. It tried to come play with us, but Sammy is a heckhole and barked at it. So I barked too. It got scared and hid under a car. We would not let Mom go near it.

You know what Mom did though? After she finished her work, she went for a walk without me and Sammy. She went to look for that dirty dog. She found it! She say it’s a girl! She say the doggy was scared and barked and growled at her. She came back home and took some of our kibbles to that dirty dog. She say our best friend (dog walker) and his son had to go with her to help get the doggy from under the car. Look at the pictures she took of the rescue! Mom is a hero!

I so glad Mom didn’t bring that stinky dog back to our house though. There too much stinky dog hair here already. We lucky that a nice lady at Mom’s work take the dirty dog. She call it Daisy. She say Daisy will fly to the US a few days before we fly there. Mom say we lucky dogs. I still don’t have wings. I not a bird. I can’t fly. Mom a hero, but she ain’t really that smart sometimes.

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