We In The United States!

This is Sammy, y’all. We sorry we haven’t written in so long. It’s been a busy summer for us and Momma. On June 9, 2021, we flew all the way from Kuwait to the United States! Momma said we landed in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m gonna tell you that it was hell getting here. Archie still isn’t the same.

First Momma packed up all the things in our apartment. We thought she was gonna leave us. I think what happened next might have been worse. Momma and Sister Lauren drove us to this loud place in the middle of the night. Our best friend, the dog walker, was also there when we got out. He had the jails. Momma stuck both inside our own jails with some food, water, and our Kongs. We like all those things, so she didn’t have to zip-tie us in! We cried but no one would let us out. Some man wheeled us away on a cart from Momma and everybody we knew. These men put us on a flying machine after that.

I still can’t talk about what happened after that. I just know it was dark and loud and Momma was nowhere. Strange people moved us through another building and onto a different flying machine 50 hours later (ahem….Mom said it was only 2 hours later). We stayed on that flying machine 111,002 hours! (Okay, Mom said it was 15 hours, but my bladder says it was so much longer). Btw, Archie held it the WHOLE time! I will tell you more about that later.Y

You just don’t know how happy I was when men stopped bumping me around in my jail and moving me and making all the loud noises. I was so so so so happy to see my momma’s face after those 1, 583, 274 hours. I’m not like Archie. I couldn’t hold my wees and poops, so my jail cell was sooooo gross when I saw Mom. I was so embarrassed. But I was also happy to break free from those zip ties.

The best part? We finally got to meet our Grandma! We thought Momma was lying about this mystery lady who gives cuddles and good treats. She wasn’t! Grandma and Auntie Mel picked us up from the airport and took us to something called a hotel. We had to spend the night there, so we could get up the next morning and drive some more hours. I am fine with the driving, because I don’t have to be in a jail for that.

We will catch up with what has been going on since we drove to Grandma’s house very soon!

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