What a Wild Adventure!

Archman here! Sorry I didn’t write for so long. Sammy keeps telling me it my turn, but Momma has the typing fingers. You see, Momma got a job where she type stuff for people on the computer. Then she don’t wanna type stuff for Archie.

But anyway, we living in something called a motorhome now. I don’t like it when the motor starts though. It shakes the whole place up. The USA already has too many scary sounds. Momma and Grandma been working to change all the stuff inside the motorhome. They took out the carpet and put down wood floors. The cabinets are a different color. There are new curtains. It crazy what they doing to this place. I get so tired from watching when Grandma come over.

This our motorhome house.

Like Sammy said in the last post, I had a hard time when we got to the USA. All the different noises, smells, and stuff to see was too much. I stayed right by Momma’s side, because I was scared she was gonna leave me again. But she hasn’t left me nowhere. I relaxed a little bit now. My favorite thing to do is go ride in Momma’s minivan. Sammy’s favorite thing to do here is to go lie in the grass in Grandma’s backyard. It’s got a fence, and we can run around without our leashes.

Sammy in Grandma’s backyard.
Archie in Momma’s minivan.

Anyway, we just wanted to say hey and let you know we are learning new stuff everyday in the US. And I am getting more brave here. Go see us on Instagram for more pictures!

Oh! I forgot to tell y’all (I’m a southern dawg now!) that Momma had a DNA test done for me. Turns out I’m something called an Arabian Village Dog. Momma said it just means I a wild child. Don’t know that the mean.

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