What a Wild Adventure!

Archman here! Sorry I didn’t write for so long. Sammy keeps telling me it my turn, but Momma has the typing fingers. You see, Momma got a job where she type stuff for people on the computer. Then she don’t wanna type stuff for Archie.

But anyway, we living in something called a motorhome now. I don’t like it when the motor starts though. It shakes the whole place up. The USA already has too many scary sounds. Momma and Grandma been working to change all the stuff inside the motorhome. They took out the carpet and put down wood floors. The cabinets are a different color. There are new curtains. It crazy what they doing to this place. I get so tired from watching when Grandma come over.

This our motorhome house.

Like Sammy said in the last post, I had a hard time when we got to the USA. All the different noises, smells, and stuff to see was too much. I stayed right by Momma’s side, because I was scared she was gonna leave me again. But she hasn’t left me nowhere. I relaxed a little bit now. My favorite thing to do is go ride in Momma’s minivan. Sammy’s favorite thing to do here is to go lie in the grass in Grandma’s backyard. It’s got a fence, and we can run around without our leashes.

Sammy in Grandma’s backyard.
Archie in Momma’s minivan.

Anyway, we just wanted to say hey and let you know we are learning new stuff everyday in the US. And I am getting more brave here. Go see us on Instagram for more pictures!

Oh! I forgot to tell y’all (I’m a southern dawg now!) that Momma had a DNA test done for me. Turns out I’m something called an Arabian Village Dog. Momma said it just means I a wild child. Don’t know that the mean.

We In The United States!

This is Sammy, y’all. We sorry we haven’t written in so long. It’s been a busy summer for us and Momma. On June 9, 2021, we flew all the way from Kuwait to the United States! Momma said we landed in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m gonna tell you that it was hell getting here. Archie still isn’t the same.

First Momma packed up all the things in our apartment. We thought she was gonna leave us. I think what happened next might have been worse. Momma and Sister Lauren drove us to this loud place in the middle of the night. Our best friend, the dog walker, was also there when we got out. He had the jails. Momma stuck both inside our own jails with some food, water, and our Kongs. We like all those things, so she didn’t have to zip-tie us in! We cried but no one would let us out. Some man wheeled us away on a cart from Momma and everybody we knew. These men put us on a flying machine after that.

I still can’t talk about what happened after that. I just know it was dark and loud and Momma was nowhere. Strange people moved us through another building and onto a different flying machine 50 hours later (ahem….Mom said it was only 2 hours later). We stayed on that flying machine 111,002 hours! (Okay, Mom said it was 15 hours, but my bladder says it was so much longer). Btw, Archie held it the WHOLE time! I will tell you more about that later.Y

You just don’t know how happy I was when men stopped bumping me around in my jail and moving me and making all the loud noises. I was so so so so happy to see my momma’s face after those 1, 583, 274 hours. I’m not like Archie. I couldn’t hold my wees and poops, so my jail cell was sooooo gross when I saw Mom. I was so embarrassed. But I was also happy to break free from those zip ties.

The best part? We finally got to meet our Grandma! We thought Momma was lying about this mystery lady who gives cuddles and good treats. She wasn’t! Grandma and Auntie Mel picked us up from the airport and took us to something called a hotel. We had to spend the night there, so we could get up the next morning and drive some more hours. I am fine with the driving, because I don’t have to be in a jail for that.

We will catch up with what has been going on since we drove to Grandma’s house very soon!

Rescuing Daisy

Hey. It Archie. We sorry we have not written in so long. Our typist (Mom) say she too busy to help us blog. She say work crazy and she need to pack our house to move soon. But I gonna tell you a story. We went for walk one morning before Mom had to work. We saw this doggy! It didn’t have her Mom with her. I don’t know why. It was dirty. It tried to come play with us, but Sammy is a heckhole and barked at it. So I barked too. It got scared and hid under a car. We would not let Mom go near it.

You know what Mom did though? After she finished her work, she went for a walk without me and Sammy. She went to look for that dirty dog. She found it! She say it’s a girl! She say the doggy was scared and barked and growled at her. She came back home and took some of our kibbles to that dirty dog. She say our best friend (dog walker) and his son had to go with her to help get the doggy from under the car. Look at the pictures she took of the rescue! Mom is a hero!

I so glad Mom didn’t bring that stinky dog back to our house though. There too much stinky dog hair here already. We lucky that a nice lady at Mom’s work take the dirty dog. She call it Daisy. She say Daisy will fly to the US a few days before we fly there. Mom say we lucky dogs. I still don’t have wings. I not a bird. I can’t fly. Mom a hero, but she ain’t really that smart sometimes.

We Bored, Send Help!

Hi! Sammy coming at ya from the sandbox. Mom has been working from home this week. We all been lazy. She always talking to the screen on her desk. Just watching her work wears me out! Archie just sits over there on his little pillow, looking all prissy. Little heckhole! Sometimes he walks over to Mom and and knocks her arm with that big hard noggin’ of his. The woman can’t even type without that jerk annoying her. Fluffing attention hog. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a good girl. Here’s a picture of me doing what I do best…lounging.

Mom has been staying home allll the time for the past week. She hasn’t even taken us the beach like she promised. So if you are in Kuwait and not lazy like Mom, come pick up Archibald and me. We need to stretch our legs more than our dog walker lets us. We wanna get in a car and go to the seaside. I wanna feel the sand between my toe beans. I want to lie in the patches of grass there and refuse to move when Mom and Archie want to keep walking. I don’t wanna get in the water though. Ugh. Oh maybe just come get me. That heckhole of a mamma’s dog, Archie, can stay home with Mom. I need a break from them both. SEND HELP PLEASE!

Here are some more lazy photos from when Mom worked from home. We did play a couple of good games of tug!

2 Dogs, 1 Week

Hiya. This Archie. We had a crazy week with Mom at home. She keep telling us something about spring break. She helped us start our blog career last weekend. She say we gone be famous. I say we already famous. When we go for walks, everybody know my name.

Monday, we met a new puppy friend. Her name Dottie. She little and went to the beach with us. She followed me around. I didn’t know what to do with her. She too tiny. So I sniffed all the things at the beach. See the pics.

After all the sniffing, I take a snooze at home. The next day, Mom brought home two jails. She say one for me and one for my sister, Sammy. She say they for flying to US. I don’t know how this jail supposed to fly. Mom threw treats inside, but I didn’t go after them. I know better. I fell for that trick when I was puppy. So then Mom pushed me in the jail anyway! She say she just want to know if it the right size. I sniffed it too. But how it fly though?

Mom been too lazy the other days. She say something about a physiotherapy and her knee. She say de-clutter for move, and then she watch Netflix. I still been sniffing, wrestling Sammy, and snoozing. What you do this week?

Sammy in the house!

Hey there! I’m Sammy. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a boy’s name. Sometimes my mom calls me Samantha. Now does it make sense? Anywho, Mom tried to take us for a morning walk today, but Archie ruined it. See, Mom had knee surgery last month, so she hasn’t been able to walk with us. I was so excited that she was ready to walk with us again. But noooooo, that heckhole, Archie, just had to act like he had never been outside on a leash. He was running and pulling and trying to sniff everything in sight! Can you believe him? Mom was afraid he would make her hurt her knee again, so we came back after barely getting down the street! He doesn’t care about Mom like I do. He so selfish. Ugh…he gets on my last nerve. Then the jerk wanted to play while I was taking my after-walk nap.

But I digress. More about me…I’m old and sweet until I’m annoyed. Then I growl and walk away. Don’t worry, it’s usually only Archie who gets that treatment. I love food, snacks, treats, apples, and bananas. Yep…I love all things edible. I love walks with Mom and naps on my couch. What are your favorite things?

Archie coming to ya from the desert!

Hiya! This Archie, the desert dog. They call me that, even though some guy I hardly remember found me in his Kuwait neighborhood when I was a puppy. He led me to meet my mom. That was nice of him, because I get good treats. I still like to eat the garbage in the street though. Don’t knock it til you try it. There are lots of surprises in that trash…sometimes they are DELICIOUS surprises. Mom gets so mad.

Anyway, me and Sammy wanted to do a blog thing. We been sooooo bored since this Covid a-hole came to Kuwait. Mom is always talking about lockdowns and curfews. She makes us sneak outside to pee after dark. She said she might get deported if we stay out and make too much noise. So of course, I like barking most at night! I also like treats. My favorites are apples, bananas, and peanut butter cookies. What are your favorites?

Oh well, I need to go now. All this typing has made me tired. I feel a snooze coming.

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